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Customer Testimonials

I have been receiving spiritual guidance for years now from Sheryl and she's truly a blessing in disguise! So humble and easy to talk to; she's helped me develop and grow in ways I never thought possible....it's exactly what my soul needed. Another thing I love about her is that even after we have this phenomenal breakthrough (with whatever issue I'm having), she guides me in continuing my praying or meditation or whatever the issue may be. I never feel like I'm alone, I always have the support and guidance I feel I need. :)

Carrie S.

I appreciate you so much and I look forward to seeing you at the next wholistic festival! You are a blessing and I know you have helped my little soul tremendously!


Very kind, great character - recommend highly.


If you're looking for the right person, that would be Sheryl


Sherry was exceptional. She performed our wedding with such love and it was SO personal. She took special care to really get to know our preferences so that the vows and the service were unique to us. I would strongly recommend her to officiate your marriage. She gets it right and our experience was so wonderful, personal and unforgettable!

Kym A.

What a beautiful heart! ❤❤❤❤ What a peaceful energy!

Debbie G.

Sheryl and her husband are a perfect team. They arrived early, and provided a very thoughtful and meaningful ceremony for us. Sheryl took time to personalize the vows and candle lighting exchange in a calm and beautiful way. We highly recommend her, knowing your ceremony will be equally as cherished as ours was.


Dr. Sheryl T Martin's service was the very best, thank you!


My wife and I had a wonderful experience working with Sheryl. We wanted a simple setting just for the two of us and plan on having a ceremony with family later in the year. After discussing our plans, we decided on a location that she provided for us. She was accomedating and made the experience very special. Our private ceremony was wonderful and we can't wait to have Sheryl work with us again


My wife and I met Sheryl a couple of months prior to our wedding and I knew right away that she was going to be who we'd ask to marry us. Her sincere nature and and spiritual wisdom really made us feel blessed to have met her. We were also new to the Austin area and were looking for someone to conduct our marriage ceremony. We had a private ceremony which Sheryl really made special for us, writing a meaningful message to accompany our vows. We'll be holding another ceremony in a few months with family and we look very much forward to getting to introduce them to her. I would recommend her to anyone


Sheryl is a soul like no other. I have been receiving guidance from her for a few years now and I'm thankful for every moment. My life has truly been enhanced since meeting Sheryl. I am Definitely excited to try Reiki. Oh and can't forget the beautiful stones, chakra kit, and dream-catchers!! Thank you for everything Sheryl!

Sarah S.

I've only just met SHERYL..It was an instant connection-as if we'd known each other for years! Her spiritual insights are phenomenal. I'm looking forward to a enriching meaningful relationship for a long time!!

Nancy G.

Sheryl has done a couple of readings for me and they have been spot on. I'm looking forward to seeing her again soon!


Sheryl is passionate about being of spiritual service to others. She goes the extra mile to ensure each class, reading, healing, and wedding is done with quality and grace. You can bet she comes from a place of integrity.


She has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer. She has both professional and personal integrity. She offers insights on all aspects of life. It is an honor, a blessing and a privilege to experience a reading with Reverend Dr. Sheryl T Martin.

Jan B.

I met Sheryl at the Body Mind Spirit Expo, and we instantly connected. I received a great reading, and feedback was spot on. She's a gifted reader and intuitive in addition to being a beautiful soul. Highly recommend!


Sheryl is an inspirational individual who has truly helped me nurture my inner self. She is a wonderful teacher and her workshops are great. You can be sure that she will have your well being as her top priority.

Tyler S.

I met Sheryl T Martin in person at the Temple Fair. I saw her many times at other fairs, but never talked to her. When she walked into the church, when we started talking, I was immediately IN her energy. If you are one of her clients, had a reading/consultation done, then you KNOW she is good. BUTTTTTT, she has more power, more profound depth which is not unleashed yet. There is more to come, just stay with her. If you know me, you know I do not stand for BS or fake. I am brutally honest and tell as it is. I don't suck money out of people or get paid to say something. I am 100% real and Sheryl T. Martin will be more than she may be imaging for herself right now. STAY WITH HER and see her growing. :-)

Aurora Ute

She is great with her business and very professional. Works hard and does great work.

Ricardo G.

Spent more time than what I paid for and was concerned.

Steve B.

Rev. Sheryl Martin is a beautiful warm and loving soul with amazing gifts for delivering messages from Spirit. She is highly connected to the heavenly realms and this is evident in all her offerings. Schedule with her to get answers for your questions and comfort for your soul!! Hurry, she is booking up quickly!

Melissa K.

I came to meet Sheryl and I didn’t know what to expect but I had so many life questions and very little answers. She was able to read myself and my history, 100% legit. I don’t believe in future readings but I am open to a higher being, a higher mind, and a potential out of bound movement that is happening now. She was very patient, answered all my questions, and provide insight into my past and future. I left very happy she was able to answer my questions about my future since she passed my test. Yes I had a test for her, I didn’t believe her but she passed my test and I am a believer. You ask me what test? She was able to share a loss I had in my life that happened recently and no one would know except me and 1 other person but she is person 3. Wow!!!!!!

Thomas L.

My pendulums have made themselves apart of my life and we are in tune and spreading love 💕 and light 💡

Square Customer Service, Quality Feedback

Dr. Reverend Martin provided everything we asked for without extra hassle or hidden additional fees. She was excellent and so easy to work with. Made our day perfect and custom to US!!!!!! Highly recommended!


She was a quality minister, which did an amazing job for us.


You are such an amazing person and I am so thankful to have found you to officiate our wedding.

Square Customer Service, Quality Feedback

She was wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!!


San Marcos Fair - The Energy was Great, I talked to a lot of people. It was a good show.


Dr. Reverend Sheryl is the best! She recently performed our wedding ceremony and we couldn't be happier with her professionalism, promptness, and thoughtful vows. She was easy to communicate with before the wedding and was early to the rehearsal and ceremony. Also, despite the fact we started late for both events, our fault, she was very professional and went with the flow. It even rained for both events and she was a trooper for the whole thing. We wrote our own vows but the Reverend Sheryl prepared very touching and meaningful ring ceremony statements. We found this to be very significant for our transformation and unification. We greatly appreciate her services and feel very luck and honored to have her officiate our wedding. Thank you so much! We will never forget the important part you played in our wedding and life to come!!!!

Patrick and Sara

Reverend Sheryl was awesome! She made our elopement so special. I almost got teary eyed during the ceremony, but couldn't because my mascara! Ha!! She was kind to us and worked around us while we also took care of our month old daughter. She was great, everything was perfect! So glad we found her!!


Friendly and helpful

Square Customer Service, Quality Feedback

Sheryl wrote a beautiful ceremony for our wedding! She made it personalized and kept it short and concise, as we had requested. She had excellent communication with us, would respond to texts and emails quickly, and made herself available to answer any questions we had. I would highly recommend Sheryl to anyone looking for a wedding officiant!


It was a small gathering of friends and family for a vow renewal Rev Sheryl made the trip to venue we rented for the wedding. It was terrific and more than what I expected! Since it was a vow renewal my wife asked me in the beginning, "Do we really need an officiant?" After the renewal she told me that she was grateful I pushed for Rev Sheryl. It was a wonderful day.


Closest to Dripping Springs and recommended. Reasonably priced, and responsive to my needs.

Harold W.

Quick and Easy

Square - Customer Service Feedback

 Rev. Martin was everything we wanted. She was on time and prepared, she worked our wishes and vows into the ceremony nicely. We highly recommend her service.

Tim D.

It was a perfect day. Thank you Rev. Martin.


This is a great group...I'm grateful to have connected. Thanks for putting together such a great venue and group.

Square - Customer Service Feedback

Dr. Martin was a wonderful officiant and made our wedding day so special. She interviewed us before hand and really got to know us so that our vows were very personalized and meaningful. She was early to the ceremony and went over every detail with us to insure a smooth, meaningful ceremony. I would highly recommend her for any friends' or family members' wedding. She was wonderful and made our special day even more special.

Thank You so much.


Rev. Sheryl did an outstanding job with our ceremony! She was there at the Chapel ahead of time, very professional, and very kind. She made our big day special. Don't hesitate to book her!


She helped make our day memorable. The pictures that the photographer took already came and it has only been a few days since the wedding. I highly recommend her!



Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin was absolutely wonderful! She was like a ray of sunshine on our rainy wedding day. (Rain on your wedding day is good luck!) She and her assistant were troopers when it came to braving the elements. She also took what my husband and I wrote on our wedding form and transformed our words into a beautiful ceremony. She had such a calming demeanor that helps soothe you at the alter, when you're filled with a wide range of emotions.


Thanks for a very soul awakening experience into who we are as human beings and the gifts we all have. This weekend I had a chance to have my gifts awaken with flying colors. Thank you for the nudge.


Sheryl exhibited polished professionalism prior to our wedding day and continued to show this during the ceremony. It was a joy to have her at our wedding. I would recommend her to everyone she is an extremely nice person that cares about what this day means.


We enjoyed the simple, sweet and short ceremony Dr. Sheryl performed for us at our New Year's Eve wedding!

Jay Behrends

Dr. Martin wrote a beautiful vows for our wedding! Thank you for helping make our day so special!!

April Gagnon

Perfect. Amazing, yes yes yes

We had an amazing experience just Matthew and I. We had a private ceremony with no guests yet I still felt like I got the wedding I always dreamed of. People tend to think eloping is just some quick, non-personal thing but we really felt amazing. It was a perfect ceremony tailored to us, our story, and our beliefs. Whether you plan to have a personal elopement ceremony, a small ceremony, or even a larger ceremony I recommend this place 100%. I've never been married before but I gotta say I cannot imagine any place else would do a better job. PLUS FREE PHOTOS AS A GIFT??? Um, YES PLEASE & THANK YOU. Not to mention they came out great. Oh, and we chose to do it on her property (great choice for us) but she's also willing to travel (within reason) to your choice of venue. I really cannot imagine a better service for this than this.


I was very pleased with my time. I felt Sheryl was very in tune with her guides and gave a clear message. When I left I felt at peace. Thank you so much.

Angie via Square Quality, Customer Service

Simple and sweet...exactly what I wanted!

I got married this past weekend in San Marcos, TX and Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin officiated our wedding ceremony. I live in Boston and I needed to find somebody I could make arrangements with via email. All I can say is how very impressed I was! When I first found Reverend Dr. Sheryl online I liked what I read in her reviews. Then after I decided to work with her she had my fiancee and I fill out a detailed wedding form that went through all the specifics I would want/not want during the ceremony. I really appreciated the different packages she offered. She can really cater to different couples' needs. I made sure to be very thorough when I filled this out with my fiancee. Then on the day of the wedding Reverend Dr. Sheryl showed up and conducted our ceremony EXACTLY how I imagined in my head (honoring loved ones who have passed away, telling how my fiancee and I met and giving more details of our story based on the filled-out form, reading out loud what marriage means to both my fiancee and I based on our filled-out wedding form, exchanging of rings, and announcing us as husband and wife). I only wanted a 15 minute ceremony (simple and sweet) and Reverend Dr. Sheryl delivered! She even brought her own complimentary photographer! After the ceremony, she signed our marriage certificate, we took pictures with her, we offered her some refreshments, and she was on her way. I highly recommend Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin to anyone looking for a high quality, nice-paced, special, customized wedding ceremony that fit your needs perfectly. Cheers!

Carmen and Dinesh (Boston, MA)

They provided us with a very memorable experience and we highly recommend you use their services!

Jerry Burns

We could have not found anyone better to perform our wedding ceremony than Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin. Not only did she write a wonderful ceremony for us and incorporated our unique idea to include our daughters in the ceremony. She also includes a photographer and photos as an option for an incredible price. We would recommend anyone that is looking for someone to perform their ceremony to reach out to Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin. She sent us a questionnaire that helped her learn about us and we had comments from our guests about the ceremony and how it was put together.

Jessica Lipari

Rev. Martin was easy going and very patient. I gave her my ideas for the ceremony and she helped write it in a cohesive and meaningful way that was very personalized. She traveled to meet us and was more than willing to hike the ten minutes to our perfect spot by the water. Bringing a photographer was an added bonus that was very thoughtful and appreciated. She has a beautiful personality and the day was lovely.

Misty Burns Turner

Dr. Martin was perfect for us!

My husband and I were attracted to Sheryl's officiating approach. Very spiritual, which we both are, but not religious. We do not live in the area where we got married so we did a FaceTime interview with her before the wedding. She was very sweet and soft spoken and when we met her in person at our rehearsal, we knew we had chosen the right officiant. She lovingly guided us through the steps of the ceremony during our rehearsal. As my future husband waited for me to come from behind the fence and walk down the aisle to him, she gave him words of encouragement. He was so nervous to be standing in front of so many people waiting for me. She took the answers from our questionnaires and weaved a beautiful story of us to tell our family. We had such a beautiful ceremony and would highly recommend Dr. Martin!


Sheryl has a powerful ability to see into the heart of the matter and communicate with care and tenderness the messages spirit has for each individual. Her connection to both the spiritual world and the material world makes her an amazing bridge to share messages back and forth with such clarity! I couldn't recommend her more highly!!!!!!


I’ve had reiki done with Sheryl a number of times, and attended her psychic development workshop, which both have been amazing! I learned so much from the workshop and I have found myself wanting to work with her more and more. Every experience I’ve had with her has been so uplifting! She is full of insightful knowledge, and always has loving light radiating from herself. I’m beyond thankful for the Universe guiding me to meet her in my journey! Thank you, Sheryl!!


Last Minute Morning Wedding

Sheryl did an amazing job at our wedding!!! I was beyond stressed the morning (yes, a morning wedding!) of and I felt like negativity was just seeping through my pores at one point. Sheryl not only delivered a beautiful, extremely personal ceremony, but she radiated a sense of calming that everyone around us was able to feel. She sent us a form prior to the wedding that included questions about our relationship and then she transformed our answers into exactly the kind of ceremony that we wanted. She was serious and professional when needed and she laughed with us when it was appropriate. After the wedding, she had her (COMPLIMENTARY) photographer, Skyler, take our photos. Skyler was also very professional and sweet. I am so happy that this duo was recommended to me, they truly made our wedding ceremony exactly what we wanted it to be.


Sheryl is a wonderful teacher. I am a veteran. I took Reiki 1 & 2 with her, and healed my PTSD. I am so glad that I can now help others heal. Thanks, Sheryl.


Sheryl has an abundance of enlightenment which pours from her heart and soul. Attended her Psychic Development workshop and had incredible revelations and insights which has been helping me heal physically and emotionally. Looking forward to more of her workshops!


Best officiant in Texas! :-)

I thought finding an officiant for a non-denominational wedding was the most nerve-wracking, up until we found Ms. Sheryl! Every officiant we spoke with before her had outrageous prices and some were even rude/pushy. We loved Ms. Sheryl from the start! We had a phone session to get to know each other and talk about what we could expect from her services. I have to say you can truly feel the warmth in her voice right away. She made us feel comfortable and her prices were very reasonable. She was very responsive throughout the entire process and even helped clear up some questions I had about the marriage license process. She was also very patient with us, as we took a long time to fill out our questionnaire. Ms. Sheryl followed up a few days prior to the wedding and was very punctual on the day of. We had a lovely river ceremony and it was everything we envisioned. Her words were beautiful and we will definitely cherish them in our hearts as we embark on this new chapter in our lives. I am so glad we found her!

Norma Shrek

Great Ceremony!

Awesome experience, great service, would recommend.

Garrett Flores

Wonderful Experience

From the moment we contacted Dr. Martin everything was easy and straightforward. She did an amazing job for our ceremony and did a great job keeping everyone in tune and the flow going with the distractions our little fur baby was causing. I can't thank her enough for the services she provided.


I knew Rev. Martin was the one I wanted for our wedding the first time I spoke to her. She is an amazing person and really did an outstanding job for our ceremony. She really did make our day special. We can't thank you enough!! I highly recommend her if you want your special day to be magical.


The ceremony was more than we could have hoped. Sheryl is thoughtful about the vows she writes. They are individualized and touching. Very professional but warm and attentive too.

Elizabeth Young

Our wedding was completely last minute and not planned and Sheryl and her place were PERFECT! We feel so lucky to have found her!

Natalie Loredo

I've taken Sheryl's reiki and psychic development/mediumship training. I've enjoyed them both so much along with personal readings. Sheryl's support and guidance throughout my spiritual training has helped boost my spiritual confidence. It has made a world of difference to find someone like Sheryl to assist me on my journey.

Veronica Morin

Sheryl is a beautiful soul. She is a wonderful patient teacher who loves what she does. I took reiki 1 and 2 from her and what a beautiful experience. I plan to take more classes from her. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

Darlene Roy

What a great workshop! You are such a lovely soul. I was impressed at how simple you made everything. I am an overthinker and you made things crystal clear for me. I think my learning style really benefitted from seeing it, hearing it and having you discuss it. I love having your document to reference back to. I loved how you spoke to us. It was calming being in your presence. My favorite parts were when you shared your personal experiences with us and also when you offered guidance. You really pulled off making things work even on Zoom!! It felt very personable and comfortable.


So happy with our reading today. We look forward to more sessions with you. Have a blessed day.

Square Customer Feedback

As always, love the connection. Thank you for giving us peace and happiness in our heart.

Square Customer Feedback

My fiancé and I are going to get married December 21, 2021. We have yet to meet Reverend Dr. Sheryl but her responsiveness to get to know us and be our officiant for the day was really great. Very professional and eager to communicate. Now I can't wait to marry my fiancé!


You were awesome and patient and very professional. We thank you.


Thank you so much for making our ceremony such a wonderful day, we really appreciate your professionalism.


Reverend Dr. Sheryl Martin and her photographer were amazing! Their punctuality, professionalism and know how and with their kindness was over the top! 

We just wanted to let you and your photographer know that you people are the most amazing people, patient, kind...and you Sheryl are wise and had me and Richard in such awe over your well put ceremony!! Richard and I believed we had such love but you impowered it more with your words and we thank you!! Your photographer wowed us. She is so genuine, so kind and so wonderful. Again we thank you both and we will definitely pass you guys onto anybody we know.

Lisa and Richard

It was beautiful. Her officiating was beautiful.


I just wanted to thank you again for helping create such a beautiful experience.


My now wife and I eloped this weekend and I found Reverend Martin online. She was very detailed and invested in making our ceremony personal. Given that it was only us two. Reverend Martin and the photographer Tony, her contributions were critical in making the ceremony memorable. I can't recommend her enough. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Arie Lyn

The Ceremony was beautiful. Sheryl made it so personal and true to us. She was very friendly, on time and affordable. She is definitely worth it! I am so glad she was able to make our day so special. She even provided a complimentary photographer! Thank you so much! We are very grateful. We cried many tears!


The ceremony was so lovely and thoughtful. She was very pleasant to work with and made our elopement ceremony personal and full of love and joy! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant!!

Jamie Suzuki

Sheryl did a reading for me after I felt a strong urge to look for a medium. A close family member had a terminal illness and I knew she was days if not hours from passing. The reading came the day after I lost my family member. Sheryl was 100% accurate in regard to everything she told me and what didn't make sense has now made sense. Looking back now 4 months ago Sheryl helped me start healing and couldn't be more grateful. Until this day I continue to thank her. She is a wonderful person and was kind enough to do a phone appointment with me. Thank you for helping me Sheryl!

Carolina C.

Great accuracy and great experience. Very highly recommended!! Working with Sheryl validated a lot of what was going on in my life and helped me stay on track without a doubt.

Veronica M.

Sheryl's table at the Holistic fairs I have attended has one of the largest varieties of metaphysical tools you could find there. From singing bowls, chakra kits, incense, and stones you can find what you need and more. Her knowledge about her products will help you chose/select what can benefit you the most. The vision board she uses is a new and neat experience I haven't come across before. Her spiritual guidance and non-judgmental perspective lead me to peace of mind and comfort during difficult times.


I absolutely love Sheryl! She is caring and understanding. She takes the time to listen and offers wonderful guidance. The holistic fairs she hosts in San Marcos and Wimberley are a wonderful experience. I highly recommend!


Sheryl was a perfect pick for our wedding, she was so personable and pleasant to have. Highly recommend!

Johnny Red

Reverend Sheryl did a great job with what we wanted our ceremony (short and sweet). She used the details we provided in the forms and everything was perfect. She also has a photographer that shoots the ceremony included in the price. Amazing value, highly recommend! Thank you!

Tiffany Adams

Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin delivered the most perfect experience for us. Her ceremony was beautifully written, her Wimberley property was gorgeous and she gave us a keepsake heart of sand. We took advantage of her free photographer who took ample and amazing photos of us around the location. We were so grateful that they allowed our puppy to be present during the entire ceremony and photo session. Thank you Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin (and photographer) for making our intimate ceremony better than we ever could have imagined!

Liliya P.

We decided to elope the week we found her. I was searching for an elopement venue simultaneously. When I saw Dr. Martin also had Reverend in her title, I thought what a wonderful officiant to do intimate wedding we wanted. Once my inquiry went through she was very quick in response... definite +1 in the book! Then we found out she could do our ceremony at her place in Wimberley aka Hill Country, our ideal setting we were elated... another +1!! When we set our hearts on The Wishing Well location (for an extremely wonderful price) communication was always clear, concise, thoughtful while also very professional.

We both loved the questionnaire to pinpoint our LOVE story. Ideals and values for Reverend Dr. Martin to craft vows unique to our relationship! Also, the fact she was willing to go above and beyond anything we needed to ensure our ceremony unfolded exactly as we wished !!! Our wedding was everything we imagined in our minds come to life before our eyes... intimate, private, elegant in a peaceful outdoor setting with every detail we chose. A beautiful experence to start our life as one.

THANK YOU Reverend Dr. Sheryl Martin <3

Amanda M.

Sheryl provides a beautiful Reiki certification and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to grow, even in the midst of Global Pandemic. This class allowed me to learn more about healing so that I can incorporate in my Hypnosis Practice. Thank you so much Sheryl.


Exceptional Wedding Officiant Service

Reverend Sheryl Martin was an exceptional officiant. She put together a great wedding program for my wife with short notice. Sheryl gathered all details my bride and I wanted from our wedding. She also personalized the wedding for us and provides upgrade options.

Not only does she have a great venue with multiple locations but she provides complimentary photography. I highly recommend using her for services. She is very professional and truly cares about making everyone's wedding the most memorable occasion.

Andrew E.

Reverend Sheryl was amazing. We highly recommend her if you are looking for somebody to marry you. She is very kind and patient.


Very helpful and thoughtful

We had to schedule a last minute wedding, and Sheryl was able to make our wedding a lovely and meaningful experience despite that!

Mathew K.

Dear Dr. Reverend Sheryl T. Martin, Thank you for officiating our wedding, thanks for your absolutely wonderful, Ceremony words that we will remember forever and all the love that you put into your officiate role!! 


Short and Sweet

It was a great experience from time of booking to the