Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin


Enjoy a day with wonderful healers and practitioners. This event is for individuals who are looking for guidance, looking for healing, or simply wanting to purchase items for themselves or a loved one. No matter where you are on your spiritual path you will simply enjoy this fair.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST

Holiday Inn

105 Bintu Drive

San Marcos, Texas 78666

I35 between exit 202 and 204

FREE Admission

FREE Lectures

FREE Parking

Open to the Public

*Face Mask are OPTIONAL*

Free Lecture Schedule - Located in the Meeting room, down hall across from Lobby Desk:

12:15-1:00 p.m. = Existential Phenomenological Research and Woo-Woo Spirituality: An Experiential Discussion on Spiritual Discernment by Jason Stutz: The word “woo-woo” is a word used as a slur toward those who engage in spiritual, energetic, and vibrational phenomenon. I will be discussing ways in which we can heightened our critical discernment of phenomenon to give deeper, more accurate readings and healings. 

1:15-2:00 p.m. = Mental Training Class for a more fulfilling life by Yuci Edwards: This class will help you to free your mind from suffering, but also release it from illusion. Mental Training class that brings complete happiness and fulfillment into your day to day life. See yourself accomplishing more in life by becoming completely selfless and harmless toward it.  

2:15-3:00 p.m. = Emotion Code for Deep Healing by Dr. Robin Heart Shepperd; Robin Heart Shepperd, D.C., employs several energy psychology modalities in her private practice. For the fair, she will be using Emotion Code, to quickly and easily break old, traumatic life patterns of fear, anxiety and other unwanted emotions blocking areas of your life. She will be doing demonstrations on her audience to give a taste of this fascinating work which includes emotions passed down to you through DNA from your ancestors and also learned in the womb.

3:15-4:00 p.m. = Dreams by ECKANKAR; Why do we dream? Dream our way back to God.


May Practitioner Line-Up

Adriana White - Scarlet Soul

Tarot, oracle and pendulum readings. Selling crystals and more.

Angela Melton (Presenter)

Empowering Energy Medicine and Oils 2 Empower You

Mini energy sessions, essential oil and tools to use them.

ART by Sarah

• On February 12, 1993 Sarah’s family went to the mountains in Shaver Lake, California for a weekend getaway in the heart of the snow. It was a very cold, dark night by the time they arrived at the house. Sarah’s dad decided to light the fireplace and as he did the entire house exploded, due to a propane leak. Sending debris 100 feet in all directions. I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

• Sarah was only two years old and had been thrown, knocked unconscious, and buried in the debris. It took fire fighters two hours to find Sarah. As a result of the accident, Sarah suffers from organic brain damage, schizophrenia, bi-polar disease, and is mentally delayed. She also received burns to her face, hands, legs, feet, and suffered a severely broken leg. Over the years Sarah has had numerous surgeries but has always maintained a positive attitude. Sarah loves horses and attends a therapeutic horse riding program weekly.

• Sarah also enjoys drawing and painting horses. This art work is drawn free hand by Sarah.

Diana D. James - Sacred Aromatics and The Academic of Sacred Arts & Sciences 


Working as an Aromatic Alchemist, Clairvoyant Intuitive and Shamanic Practitioner for the last thirty years, Diana D James has enjoyed learning how to work in partnership with Nature and what is often called ‘the unseen realms’, i.e. the Devic, Angelic and Shamanic Realms, finding vibrant, peaceful, effective and adaptive solutions to some of the most dire challenges facing our World.

Offered by Diana D James at her table:

Sacred Aromatics newest Master Blends

A limited number of custom mini-blend sessions, 30 minutes each

Printed instructions on How To Compose Your Own Element Altar for Partnership with Nature

The Story of Five Gold Rings, Sacred Aromatics' most popular Master Blend. 




Francesca Fleming - F D Fleming LLC

Medical Intuitive Medium & Energist

Readings about your Body, Heart and Soul providing specific guidance for your healing journey. Aura balancing and chakra clearing available at fairs.


Heaven-Pathways-Earth is a metaphysical store in which we offer a variety of items for purchase and provides a variety of holistic and ministry services. The store is owned and operated by Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin.

Jasmine Walkes - The Inked Intuitive, LLC

Psychic Medium and Tarot Readings

From the jump, I always knew I enjoyed helping others, and others who needed guidance in their life have always been drawn to me - perhaps that's why you're here.

At a young age I knew there was a gift within me, a gift that is within all of us, actually. But it was not until seven years ago that I decided to utilize my gift to aid others - friends or strangers - in their times of chaos. My gifts are not limited to just Tarot, but in making connection with Spirit, I have learned that I have so much more to give. With the help of my guides, I am a medium, a psychic intuitive, and tarot reader.

At the end of the day, we are still human navigating this thing called life without directions and making tons of pit stops. But sometimes we don't need to know how the story ends. We just need to know how to move on to the next chapter. 

Jason Stutz - Dramatic Healing


Psychic, Medium, Healer of the Heart, Energybased Bodyworker, Heart/Body/Mind repair

Graduated Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in NYC 2006

Graduated Psychic Awakenings 2 year Healing, Reading and CAP (Clairvoyance Awareness Program) in Seattle 2015.

Graduated Antioch University Seattle

BA Liberal Arts with Concentration in Spiritual Psychology of the Heart and Creativity 2013, 

Sole Proprietor of Psychic Massage Therapy (now Dramatic Healing) 2007-Present

I call the manner I work with clients ‘Transformational Dialogue and Psychic Massage Therapy (Shiatsu-based)’

Jonathan Raines and Kelcie Lods - Ancient Future

Komyo Reiki Do and Raindrop Harmonics, Metaphysical supplies.


Sacred Stone Readings and Painted Stones

Lindsay Estill - Velvet Buddha Arts 

Aura Photos and Art

LoveOn Tobias - Tarot Wyzdom with Love

Handcrafted medicine, jewelry and tarot readings.

Mariana Rombado - Soul Healing Jewelry

Healing Stones in Jewelry

           Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin

Sheryl is a psychic medium, dream interpreter, reiki master, spiritual counselor, intuitive, life coach, and empath who provides higher guidance through her connection with spirit. Sheryl has a doctoral degree in Holistic Theology and is ordained as an interfaith minister, which simply means that she believes in the connection of all people and of all religions. Sheryl has talked to spirit since she was 9 years old, when her father visited her after passing away. Sheryl will be providing readings using the Cosmic Zee Board (not available in stores) and her connection with spirit to provide you with guidance.

Dr. Robin Heart Shepperd - Compassionate Clearing


Robin Heart Shepperd, D.C. offers Compassionate Clearing

Compassion Clearing, a magic eraser for your gunk, is a combination of the best of several kinds of energy psychology (also known as energy medicine) for your personal transformation. It includes body tapping, verbal processes with questions and answers, and use of the pendulum to remove old stuck ways of being and karmic relationships. Robin Heart Shepperd, D.C., born a healer, studied years with internationally known teachers before creating this potent clearing method.

Compassionate Clearing effectively deletes:

* Unwanted habits

* Karmic patterns

* Emotional damage from birth issues

* Annoying energy attachments (entities)

* Curses

* Self defeating issues in relationships, money problems, poor self esteem, family, sadness, and other life challenges

Rosalinda Sepeda-Sanchez

Rozalynda Sepeda

Las Barajas Espanola’s (the Spanish Tarot)

Readings available in English/Spanish

Empathic, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Intuitive Psychic, Medium, Angelic Reiki Healing, messages from dearly departed.

Ordained Certified Minister at Universal Life Church.

Read Aura pictures or pictures of your deceased loved ones, Dream interpretation.

I see and pickup on of your past lives and how they affect you in the present. 

Suggest grandmother’s home remedies,

Self-taught Intermediate Astrology

Shirley Buie - Gem Buie

Jewlery, rocks, crystals, giftware and collectibles.

ToreSol - Cosmic Intentions

Tore worked with spirit since childhood learning to use various gifts of clarity & intuition to uncover hidden knowledge, information and truths. Tore focuses on healing through the chakras and subtle body energetic fields utilizing different modalities and teachings to provide an encompassed healing & reading experience. Sessions use a combination of reiki, crystal, smoke, and sound healing in addition to channeling energies from the universe and spirit guides for healing on a Cosmic level. They also provide energy readings such as Tarot & Chakra Stone Readings where he channels your spirit guides to deliver a personal message for your present journey and path. Tore also offers custom Abstract Aura Paintings and aura readings to better understand your auric field and current experiences. In addition to energy work, Tore also creates a variety of handcrafted metaphysical & ritual products such as cosmic reiki charged jewelry, candles, oils, and more! All available online & in-person. 

Tricia Fiacco - Celeste Soul Wellness

Tricia is a certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Practitioner who utilizes these modalities to deliver guidance & healing on various levels for her clients through evidence based readings and energy work.

She also enjoys utilizing tools such as Tarot to walk clients through a visual reading that they can interactively connect to, scrolling & remote viewing. 

Tallulah - Readings

Victoria M. Robinson - Savage Mana, LLC

Tarot Readings, Plants, Spell Vials, Jewelry and more

Viola Leder - Viola Leder Ceramics

Ceramic items and decor

Virginia Turrubiarte - The Angel Messages


Yuci Edwards - Yuci's Healing Center 


Tarot, Angel Guiding, Numerology


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