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Reverend Dr. Sheryl T. Martin

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Bonsai Gemstone Wishing Tree



•Bonsai Gemstone Wishing Trees are 4 inches high and 2.75 in diameter has beautiful natural moveable quartz leaves, with golden roots, trunk, brass branches, and a wooden base.



•Amethyst: Let this Amethyst Bonsai Wishing Tree fill your space with peace and harmony.



•Angelite: Welcome this Angelite Bonsai Wishing Tree into your home and let it assist you in connecting with your angels and spiritual guides.



•Chakras: Harness the natural energies of the Chakras and bring peace, balance and harmony to your space with a Chakra Bonsai Wishing Tree. Each one of the branches represents the seven chakras to promote clarity.



•Serpentine: Place this Serpentine Bonsai Wishing Tree anywhere to attract all that is good.



•Rose Quartz: Invite the Rose Quart Bonsai Wishing Tree into your space and let it open your heart, so that you may find peace, compassion and love.



•Chrysocolla: Bring strength, acceptance and tolerance to your space with a Chrysocolla Bonsai Wishing Tree.


Pyrite: Let the Pyrite Bonsai Wishing tree inspire you to take action.


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